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Playing as a medic in Dirty Bomb is tricky in general, and gets somewhat harder when you consider how different each medic is. I will be focusing on the most generous of them all: Phoenix.
27 Feb 2016 Here is an in depth guide to using the merc Phoenix in Dirty Bomb. This is my second guide and I hope to make it better in the last, so let me know what I can add! I pulled a lot of stats and info fro.
13 May 2016
22 Jun 2017 2 ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE. 2.1 Graphic Settings Each Merc in Dirty Bomb falls into one of five different groups, each with a different job for the battlefield. Make sure you know your role, Be sure to target the Medics, Aura, Phoenix, Sawbonez and Sparks, first things first. Class Fire Support.png
18 Aug 2017 LoadoutCard Phoenix.png. PHOENIX. CR71 Prime Operative. Bomb Squad: Adds a more vivid highlight to enemy Proximity Mines and deployed explosives · Potent Packs: 20% increase to health regen rate given by healing abilities · Quick Draw: 30% reduction to the time taken to raise and lower weapons.
The Spanish medical community banished Phoenix for his unorthodox methods, ruinous malpractice settlements, and for generally being a superior asshole. But this disgraced former cosmetic surgeon has risen again. His experimental nanite facial rejuvenation serum has proved to be remarkably and unexpectedly
31 Aug 2015
Phoenix is a true badass. There is a reason why he says, "I could do this by myself, but it would be boring without the company." Still some people have trouble playing Phoenix. This guide c. If you want an augment that helps you survive, I suggest Unshakeable or Bomb Squad. Any of these are great because they apply a
14 Sep 2015
May I add a secret I learned from watching someone else's half-guide? Apparently if you switch weapons to end your heal animation (instead of just releasing the key) you can use your weapon without having to wait for the 'end-heal' animation, allowing for quicker heals and gun play. Also you can cancel