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18 Jun 2006 I got my Jolida 202A tube integrated at the end of November. The manual states that it's biased at the factory, but it suggests biasing out of the box because some adjustment may occur in transit. First, biasing is simply setting the output of the power tubes in your tube amp. For example, the 202 uses EL34
JD 202BRC. Discontinued and out of stock. Modern styling and tube sound in an integrated amplifier designed for the entry-Fi market. Versatile is the word that can be used for this amplifier. It has a price and sound that competes with solid state. The unit can be matched with a large variety of speakers and CD players.
We at Jolida want to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing the JD 202BRC Integrated. Stereo Tube Amplifier. manual. Be sure to read the section on tube layout which gives information on tube replacement and biasing. The effort you invest now will be well rewarded as time goes by. Sincerely. Jolida, Inc.
My younger brother is buying a used 6 month old JoLida JD 202A integrated tube amp for his audio system (to replace his two bridged to mono McIntosh MC250 amps), and is wondering about proper bias adjustments. Not having the owners manual to read through yet (the amp should arrive tomorrow)
11: Jolida 202A Manual (12.66) Open this result in new window. Posted by RPA123 on 2008-08-22, 14:07:24 ( Hi everyone. I just bought a used Jolida 202A, it didn't have a manual. Where can I get a manual? I will try Jolida, but can anyone tell me how to properly bias this amp (the pots are at the bottom, s .
7 Aug 2010 At least that's the layout on my SJ502a and JD502b amps. Power tubes in back, voltage amp tubes (12AX7's) on the inside and phase splitter tubes (12AT7's) on the outside of the front row. Why don't you email Jolida's President Michael Allen at Jolidacorp@msn and ask for a manual. I believe the manual
Jolida Jd-9 Phono Preamp Best Price Jolida Jd-9 Phono. We've updated the eBay and PayPal User Agreements and Privacy Notices. Learn more Jolida. JD 202A Stereo Tube Amplifier Service Manual *Original* JOLIDA JD9 II Phono Preamp. ULTIMO Tube Set Genalex Gold Pin. $94.48.
Jolida JD-202A Integrated Amplifier - Jolida Tube Amps Jolida Product Copland amp, Jolida manuals / HiFi Engine Amplifier Manual Schematics Ham Online Reviews: Magazine. Issues: Jolida JD-100a: TNT Audio Enjoy. The Jolida JD 100A has a full function remote control accompanied by search •Manual
View and Download Jolida JD 202BRC owner's manual online. Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier with Remote Control. JD 202BRC Amplifier pdf manual download.