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20 Feb 2013 Hi, I'm having a heck of a time trying to install the Red5 RTMP Video Streaming Server. 2011, Red5 v 1.01 (setup-Red5-1.0.1-java6), and Java 6 (jdk-6u39-windows-x64). <desc>Demo originally created for the OFLA conference</desc> I have also tried to manually install the oflaDemo, by going to the
24 Dec 2010 I resolved the problem. Unzip the content under the webapps folder with theirs name. For example: webapps/oflaDemo -or another name you
To build the red5 jars, execute the following on the command line: mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install. This will create the jars in the "target" directory of the
24 Dec 2010 install red5 demos via installer or within war file manually. Click to share on: Disable Java Hardware Acceleration in windows? as seen on
The following describes the steps in installing Red5 Pro on a Windows desktop or You will need to download and install Java SE Runtime Envrionment (JRE)
23 Jan 2010
22 Jun 2012 Did a manual install for the demos from here and it works now. that the two samples get installed with latest Red5 1.0, windows env, java1.7.x
Install Red5 0.9 on Windows step by step video instructions. RUN THE DEMOS: Go the the directory where you installed Red5 ( C:\Program Files\Red5 ).
13 Apr 2009 Then and tried install RED5 0.6 and that was working awesome. I just want to port number. 3)Download and install Tomcat 6.x, in my case i installed Windows Service Installer localhost:8080/red5/demos/port_tester.swf Using Flex, BlazeDS, and Java Together - A Simple TutorialIn "BlazeDs".
(with red5 - 0.9.1, I used jre-6u31-windows-i586.exe, so the 32bit not the Open the demo from C:/Program Files/Red5/webapps/root/demos/BallControl.html in