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For Evil Genius on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Biotanks". Then you have to go to the research screen, select the learning center, and pick the three pieces of lab equipment. There's no way to "force" techs to find and sample the So you want the Biotanks? You need a multimedia
Research allows you to develop new items and traps to adorn your lair with. Research can only be
22 Jan 2015 You'll have to get the "Mercury Mirror" loot from Australia first. After getting it, research it with a laser to get a Multimedia TV. After researching and buying a multimedia TV, research it with the Centrifuge + Giant Laser + Impact Stress analyser.
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1 Nov 2004 Item: Biotank Tools: Laser + Centrifuge + Impact Stress Analyzer Specimen: Learning Channel Description: The bio-tanks are an advanced set of laboratory research equipment used for developing new objects. Constantly bubbling and belching out toxic fumes, close contact with them surely can't be
Freaks are a special minion that you can pick up when you've develop the lab up enough to have the bio-chemical research tanks. Once you Evil Genius Walkthrough - Creating Freaks for Base Defense have those, you will have the option to move a body bag to the tanks. Dropping the bag in will produce a freak. You can
For Evil Genius on the PC, FAQ/Strategy Guide by Saint. Version: 3.0 FINAL | Updated: 08/03/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide. Evil Genius FAQ 3.0 5 - Laboratory Environment Chamber (1) - 80,000 - 12 - 3x3+3/0 - 5 - Laboratory Greenhouse (1) - 80,000 - 12 - 3x3+2/0 - 5 - Laboratory Bio Tanks (1,r) - 40,000 - 10
"Maximillian on Medium" - Evil Genius Walkthrough and Strategy Guide, written by By Mike Duncan .. The mixer in the kitchen; the bookcase, brainiac machine, and brain washer in the archives; the centrifuge, environmental chamber, AI construct, bio tanks, and greenhouse in the laboratory, as well as the laser you are