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Mix 2grams of sachet poder with 2 litres of water and apply to soil or potting mix at the rate recommended on the label. It is important to water in thoroughly. Fongarid is only registered for ornamental plants, and should not be used on fruit and vegetable crops. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
FONGARID 250 WP Systemic Fungicide. May 2008. Section 8: EXPOSURE CONTROLS / PERSONAL PROTECTION. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW THE LABEL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS. National Exposure Standards: No exposure standard allocated. Syngenta Exposure Standards: The nuisance particulate
2 Feb 2006 Page 1 of 2 - how to use fongarid - posted in General Problems: hi can anyone tell me how to effectively use fongarid in a recirculating system with rockwool instructions say 2gr per 2 litres of water added to soil. so i mixed 10gr in 10lts of water and drenched each slab (media) with 1.5lts and allowed the
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Fongarid. 5ml/l as a drench. Prophylactic spray as per manufacturer's advice for ornamentals. Ridomil Gold. Kocide Blue Extra. NaOCl. Removal of infected Aphelinus abdominalis. Soapy water. Eco-oil. Wash insects off. Manufacturer's recommended rate for ornamentals. Caterpillars and loopers. Manual exclusion.
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24 Jan 2008 READ SAFETY DIRECTIONS BEFORE OPENING OR USING. FONGARID. ®. 250 WP. SYSTEMIC FUNGICIDE. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 250 g/kg FURALAXYL. GROUP D FUNGICIDE. For control of Damping Off and Root Rot diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora by soil application. 500 g NET.
Add a systemic fungicide (that combats damping off fungi) such as Fongarid (check with your supplier for product information). Use for one week before dumping tank again.This time don't add the fungicide. Wait one week then dump again.This time add root disease preventives such as friendly bacteria.
Fongarid. OR Algen Extract 200mls. GNATRAL. 2 DM Advance 500mls A/B. Roots Excelurator 60mls. Liquid Light+Penetrator. 1.6. 5.5. Pirahna - Tarantula. OR Algen Extract 200mls Week 8 Onwards - HG Shooting Powder and or "Flower Food" can be used to REALLY maximise yeilds - ask in store for HEAVY instructions.