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Bravo Media gives a candid and unfiltered look into some of the unique and unconventional styles of raising children in the upcoming docu-series, Extreme Guide to Parenting. From "conscious-attachment" and "helicopter" to "hypnosis" and "push-parenting," these moms and dads believe their parenting techniques are the
1 Aug 2014
Extreme Guide to Parenting is an American reality television series that premiered August 7, 2014, on Bravo. Each episode features different households with alternative styles of raising their children. Contents. [hide]. 1 Episodes; 2 Reception; 3 References; 4 External links. Episodes[edit]. No. Title, Original air date. 1, "The
8 Aug 2014 The show, Extreme Guide to Parenting, which premiered Wednesday on Bravo, trots out nine "admittedly eccentric" families practicing offbeat, fringe, unexpected, weird, different, "non-traditional" extreme parenting (did I make it clear that these parents are NOT LIKE YOU?) which means endless, glorious
S1/EP6: Madison Young laments that working in sex education isn't paying like when she used to perform in pornography. Teaching Hypnosis at Mommy and Me. Exclusive. 01:33. Extreme Guide to Parenting. Teaching Hypnosis at Mommy and Me. S1/EP6: Lisa Machenberg may have been told teaching hypnotherapy
12 Sep 2014 Extreme Guide to Parenting "feminist fetish pornographer" Madison and her poor little two year old. And the fetish pornographer part wasn't even the worst part.
The Mind Controller & The Body Positive Baby - Duration: 43 minutes. $ From $1.99. 3 years ago. Feminist pornographer and artist Madison believes her 2 ?-year-old daughter Emma should know all about sexuality, especially in explicit detail. Her partner James believes she is going too far and CC. 43:03. Play next
19 Sep 2014 Meet the Young-Moguls. James and Madison. The couple lives in Berkeley, California with their two-year-old daughter, Emma. As for their parenting style, James and Madison preach “body positivity,” teaching Emma to love her body by trying to take the shame and stigma out of talking about genitals and
It's A Hug That Involves Our Genitals.' Feminist 'adult performer' Madison talks about sex with her two-year-old daughter Emma both frankly and constantly. Madison's husband is not okay with it, nor is the actual, literal Annie Sprinkle. But let's let everyone speak for themselves! 2014.09.11S01.E05. Extreme Parenting