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3 Jul 2014 Everything you need to know about choosing and building a DPS hero on Nightmare difficulty. A Guide for Dungeon Defenders. By: pew pew . Although Jester is able to equip any weapon of the game she is used to be a ranged-wise hero, so I have only compared Apprentice and Huntress weapons.
19 Feb 2013
Jester - Most people play Jester as a DPS, but it, infact, is the best general builder in the game. Downside is that it's pretty much fully usable only in survivals where you'll have time to dick around with the presents. if you're going for a builder Jester, stack as much TDMG and TRate as you can, with THP
14 Jan 2014
How to troll with the Dungeon Defenders Jester. This character is perfect for trolling your friends. There are many things you can do to annoy them but here are a few starters: Only put points into trap health, if anyone complains, tell them you are defending the other traps. Move towers around all over the place with your
19 Jul 2013 Many people think that jester class useless due to her random presents this is hardly the case. 1. Jester gets more that build unit discount on her towers. She also gets a passive boost to attack speed which means towers can get up 300% more effective. 2. Great stat scaling. Jester is fast, durable and killy
I just finally completed the Akatiti Jungle map in NMHC last night. It took me quite a few tries because I couldn't defeat the boss with my DPS Jester. I tried doing the boss with both a Cowboy Monke.
23 Feb 2015 Once you have a solid knowledge of how DPS in Dungeon Defenders works, experiment with weapons, pets, and skins as much as you choose. There is . Uses: DPS; Recommended Heroes: Monk, Ranger/Huntress, Apprentice, Jester, Squire/Countess. Fairies. Damage per Upgrade: 12, 21 as Ultimate
The Series EV doesn't have as many HP as a Barbarian or a Jester. Again, not even close. The things This class is essential to maximizing DPS within the limited DU/MU players have to build their defenses with. Why? The Buff Beams .. By then, Dungeon Defenders 2 will be out and it will be for naught. If you have direct