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6 Jun 2016
15 Nov 2015
23 Nov 2015
Weapon Damage: 100%, 2.0 speed. Description: Recommended enhancement: Hybrid. Protect Lore as you fight throughout all of space and time. Bestowing your opponent, converging time around them to devastate your foes! Special Effects: Infinity Knights gain mana when they attack while under effects of Temporal Rift
21 Nov 2015
17 Nov 2015 Infinity Knight class is here! Once called Chrono Champion before the name was changed, Infinity Knight is ready to alter time itself! Only available for one year until gone forever! So get your Infinity Knight with the new 2016 Guardians Calendar from HeroMart before it's gone! If haven't got the Class yet,
29 Nov 2015
26 Nov 2015
21 Nov 2015
17 Jan 2016 Enhancement: Suggested enhancements for this class can be found here. Notes: Infinity Knights have highest DoTs (Damage over time), can burn even 10k-20k-70k per second. Example of a high Infinity Knight's DoT. All DoTs of their skills are increasing by Temporal Shift applied on Enemy. HoT raises by